Road Trip Outtakes: Toyota Dolphin RV – “Paul Neidermeyer, please call your office.”

I spotted this mid-1980s Toyota-based Dolphin RV at a picnic area in Yellowstone, and had to grab a couple of photos, if only to taunt Paul a bit…

This particular rig was in use by a family with three or four young boys. I’ve never poked my head inside one, but if it’s anything like the small-ish Swinger (towed) camper we had growing up, I imagine the rest break was probably well-deserved for Mom and Dad.

From my very quick searching online, it appears that Toyota offered five different floor plans, which were built by a range of “big-name” RV manufacturers. This particular edition probably has less than 100hp under the hood—Toyota was aiming at a niche with this product—compact camping—and going by the avid following these trucks still have today, I think they hit the mark dead on.