The Great Beater Challenge 2018: Day 1, Part 2

On the first portion of day 1 we drove from Lethbridge through the Crowsnest Pass into British Columbia. On second half we will continue on highway 3 before heading north to the tourist town of Radium. Plus we have our first mechanical hiccup.

After leaving the car show at Jaffray, British Columbia I thought it wise to fuel up and check on oil level again. We found this delightfully old school gas station.

They had only a single pump station but full service as they pumped your gas and cleaned your windows (a novelty here).

The inside had even more character than outside.

If you require a fish bonker but do not where to source one wonder no more. These ones are even locally made.

Maybe Doe urine or Bush in the Bush Elk Calls?

They even rented movies! It has been quite while since I have seen a movie rental store (or sub-store in this case).

We could not bonk fish all day so we hit the road instead. This second generation Ford Temp sedan would fit the mold for a beater rally candidate but perhaps in too nice of shape. It even had matching wheels.

I have to say the Pontiac was a pretty relaxed cruiser. If it was not for the rather loud wind noise it would be perfect.

Highway 3 became Highway 93 before we turned north. The terrain became less mountainous transitioning to more hills and lakes. Not that you could really tell with all the forest fire smoke.

Outside Kimberley, British Columbia we came across a railway museum. Unfortunately it was not open when we arrived.

A rare survivor of a wooden caboose was on display.

A few older outbuildings as well.


One of Kimberley’s claims to fame is only a single traffic light in town. We managed to catch it on red first time.

They probably advertise it less but Kimberley is also home to a drive-thru liquor store.

We did not have much time to explore the town but it appeared to be a nice place.

We did manage to see of a few of our fellow competitors. The Saab must have attracted a lot of eyeballs along the route. The Mustang and Civic were also part of the challenge. The Mustang caught up after having fueling issues earlier in the day.

A special delivery.

An interesting collection of vehicles sat just outside of town.

A collection of clunkers at the side of the road. Surprisingly not broken down but just ticking off a challenge item off the list.

This area during winter is extremely popular for skiing and this fence is made entirely of discarded skis.

Shortly after the ski fence my friend Rod got pulled over by the police. We were not sure what for until he caught up at the next stop. I was sure we were not speeding. It turns out the cop was not keen on this rear license plate placement (rear window) but got let go after he explained the challenge.

There was an optional gravel stage earlier in the day which I skipped due to the Pontiac still riding on original ball joints. This short portion was ok however.

One of the great things about a road trip is the wacky sights you encounter at the side of the road. This campsite had a definite fishing theme to it with a giant lure on top of an older camper trailer.

There was also a fisherman riding a giant fish. This Avion camper shell had an interesting look to it.

I actually found a short article on this exact camper which identifies it as a 1960s Avion C-10. The aluminum camper sits on a 1978 Chevrolet crew cab truck.

The Laurentian continued to run well with a bit of appetite for oil.

We continued on towards Radium/Invermere area hoping to make it before the night came.

Lots of tourism here especially from Alberta so bowling alleys, go-karts, etc are common sights along the highway.

We stopped for gas and food in Invermere. I guess I should say attempted to stop as I lost the brakes and sailed through the gas station (although at a very slow speed). Looks like we did not bleed all the air out of the brakes. They would work great unless you held them down for a long period of time then the pedal sank to the floor. I accidentally left my brake bleeding kit behind so we would need to sort that before heading out the next day. The last stretch of driving was done in the dark.

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