The Great Beater Challenge 2019: Day Two, Part Two – Finale

In part one of the concluding day we started the journey back to Calgary and in this segment we finish off the 2019 edition of the Great Beater Challenge. We also get to find out what teams make the finish line and what teams win this year’s awards. Follow along for the concluding chapter.

As we left Sundre a field at the side of the road contained this … stuff. I am not sure what is going on here. I suppose if I can dress up a Toyota as a pig then a farmer can decorate his or her field with a bunch of (seemingly) random items.

Anyone need firewood eggs?

As we headed the south the scenery was less treed and more open fields.

Since this is Canada and the growing season is so short some farmers had harvested and wrapped their hay for the season already.

Eventually we headed back into Cochrane from early in day one.

There is a rather large hill east of Cochrane on the way to Calgary. This would prove to be a good test of a beater’s cooling system. The photo does not give a good perspective on how large it is. Luckily the Tercel proved to be a champ and passed this test as well.

The finish line involved driving three times around the traffic circle.

We were one of the later teams to arrive as usual as we stopped briefly to visit my mother as we passed through Calgary.

A row of blue Chevrolets. One of the challenges was attaching a plunger to make your car a unicorn. A few competitors still had theirs attached at the finish line.

Others had different ideas on making their vehicle into a unicorn.

I missed this 1979 Chevrolet Monte Carlo at the start line so was able to snag a photo at the finish line.

This 1980 Ford Bronco was judged as most likely to fail (see the trophy on the hood) but managed to make it. In fact defying the odds most of the competitors completed the whole journey.

This 1957 Ford and the Junkyard Juggernauts were the overall points winner this year.

Team Holiday Road won the award for best team with a total spend under $500. This award was the one that we won in the first year. The only difference was we were the only ones under $500 in the first year whereas this Olds had competition.

The most spectacular failure award went to the Austin A40 team with a rod through the block.

The award for least comfortable vehicle, Rusty Bucket Grain Co with their Mercury farm truck, included some comfort aids.

The Ghostbusters team won an award for best costumes and theme.

Another happy award winner.

Peter as well as the other volunteers got a very nice shout out at the conclusion with another successful year in the books.

Unfortunately the party was cut short by rain. It started lightly but then bucketed down.

Teams started leaving. We followed as well as our sunroof was not entirely weatherproof in its current state. Shortly after we left the rain turned to flash flood levels for a short time.

We visited the in-laws for dinner and then headed the 200 kms (125 miles) or so home.

In Nanton, Alberta we stopped by the Bomber Command Museum of Canada (as visited in the 2018 edition) and were treated to their Avro Lancaster Bomber outside. They must have run the engine earlier in the day as they do a few times a year.

As dark was falling I let the older boys have a turn with both in the front seats for the home stretch.

We gassed up one last time and finished off the last segment.

The boys wanted to keep the Tercel in costume for a few days which was fine with me. It attracted quite a bit of attention on the roads. But unfortunately it was de-nosed while parked at school. A rather sad end of the Hambo.

If you have not yet had your fill of The Great Beater Challenge check out the official Facebook page for more photos. The Greasers team also posted this fantastic YouTube video.

At the end of the weekend our little Tercel had done around 1500 kms (930 miles) which was remarkable for a car that had not ventured out of town since its purchase for $480. Probably a third of the mileage was traveling to and from the start line plus our little unplanned detour. This year all three of my boys had come to make great memories for all of us. We finished mid-pack as usual, 30th this year. The Tercel is now getting a well deserved brake job and perhaps an oil change as well. Maybe the Innocenti will be ready for 2020.

Here are the results via the GBC results page.

  1. Eileen and the Junkyard Juggernauts, Andrew Scott, Jennifer Brewer & Ralph Ramstead, 1957 Ford Custom-  4164 pts
  2. We’re Baaack!, Blake & Shauna Ulmer, 1960 Chevrolet Parkwood Wagon- 3870 pts
  3. Wrench & Tartan, Craig Coburn & Matt Dupuis, 1984 Volvo 245 GL- 3430 pts
  4. Holiday Road, Mike & Carrie-Lynn Umbach, 1989 Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser- 3300 pts
  5. Out of this world, Travis & Megan Grant, 1963 Ford Galaxie- 2700 pts
  6. Denim Demons, Rocky Robinson & Mickey, 1998 Saturn SL1- 2635 pts
  7. Gangster’s Paradise, Mike Corrigal, 1951 Plymouth Cambridge- 2580 pts
  8. Rusty Bucket Grain Co, Matt Campbell & Armi, 1957 Mercury M350- 2574 pts
  9. The Glue Factory, Mike Flake & Luke Howard, 1980 Ford Bronco- 2455 pts
  10. The Bronco Billy’s, Larry & Makenzie Johansen, 1985 Ford Bronco- 2400 pts
  11. Stockholm Syndrome, Erik & Kayla Larson, 1970 Volvo 164- 2330 pts
  12. Team Plan B, Ian McCrimmon & Scot McKinnon, 1993 Mercury Topaz GL- 2315 pts
  13. Ace Vandura, Steve Potter, Taryn Bahniuk, Les Lammerth & Lyle Larson, 1987 GMC Vandura 2500- 2310 pts
  14. Delapatempo, Randy Van Seters & Brad Vant Land, 1993 Ford Tempo- 2295 pts
  15. GBC Family Vacation, Howard Diell, Chad & Travis, 2002 Mazda MPV- 2270 pts
  16. Ramble On, Devan & Christina Gillette, 1966 Rambler American- 2240 pts
  17. Dollz with Ballz, Brigitte Larose & Christina Parker, 1979 Chevrolet Monte Carlo- 2230 pts
  18. Swedish Experience, Bernie Proulx, 2002 Volvo S60 T5- 2230 pts
  19. Mombies, Chantal Mason, Desiray Vandervalk & Kristen Hatfield, 2002 Dodge Caravan- 2220pts
  20. Wedded Bliss, Shawn & Trena Dergousoff, 1993 Ford Tempo- 2200 pts
  21. Danger Zone, Cole Maynard, Brian Cohoe, Mark Johnston & James Callaghan, 1987 Dodge Ramcharger- 2195 pts
  22. Rusty Creamsicle Returns, Kyle Hellwig, 1975 GMC 1500- 2185 pts
  23. Mini Truckin’, Vincent Van Seters & Trevor Nelson, 1991 Mazda B2200- 2150 pts
  24. Team Slapabu, Charlie Eden, Ryer Alyn & Julian Pascoal, 1981 Chevy Malibu- 2135 pts
  25. Team Duh-kota, David Burnett & Scott Ully, 1992 Dodge Dakota- 2130 pts
  26. Sightation and the MasterBeaters, Nigel Pettigrew & Brock Brymer, 1982 Chevrolet Citation- 2130 pts
  27. Porschota, Finlay & Les Tuck, 2000 Toyota 4Runner- 2130 pts
  28. Deliverance, Quentin Jennings, Carli Curtis & Larry, 1979 Ford Pinto Delivery Wagon- 2130 pts
  29. Club Foot, Dorian & Rex Calon, 1986 Chevrolet Blazer- 2090 pts
  30. Hamborghini, David, Evan & Carlos Saunders, 1996 Toyota Tercel- 1955 pts
  31. Dirty Money, Cody Kaupp & Jordan Ririe, 1999 GMC Suburban- 1941 pts
  32. Trailer Park Boys, Devin Link & Rob Gillingham, 1977 Chrysler Newport- 1895 pts
  33. Trailer Trash, Ryan Heuven & Taylor Van Han, 1994 Lincoln Town Car Limo- 1860 pts
  34. 2 Dollar Hauler, Jason & Dani Freeman, Shane Carriere, 1978 Lincoln Continental- 1804 pts
  35. Ronin Justified, Hagen, Lydia & Kaleb Hartwell, Chris Kirby, 1988 Subaru Justy- 1775 pts
  36. Return of the Jetti, Chris Heim & Kassandra Fedorowich, 1998 VW Jetta- 1740 pts
  37. Initial D, Mark Marynowski, 1984 VW Scirocco- 1740 pts
  38. Team Volwoa, Dillon Bisson, Kelsey Bolink & Branden Bezooyen, 1989 Volvo 740- 1740 pts
  39. Blazed and Confused, Robert Siklodi & Aron Shantz, 1989 Chevy S10 Blazer- 1710 pts
  40. Murray Merlot and the Merlotvians, Grant & Anna Randell, 1996 Chevrolet 1500 4×4- 1690 pts
  41. Team Un-Impreza’d, Randy & Travis Nichols, Malcom Carlson, 1998 Subaru Impreza- 1645 pts
  42. Greasers, Ryan _ & Eric Janzen, 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air- 1595 pts
  43. Team Field55, Mike Northcott, Colin Rempfer & Curt Semotiuk, 1955 Ford Customline Sedan- 1575 pts
  44. Drag-in-Wagon, Tylr Wladyko, Mike T, Derek, Jacob & Tommy Stahl, 1992 Chevy G20 Van- 1540 pts
  45. Redneck Love Story, Harley G, Anna Larose, 1980 Oldsmobile Cutlass- 1400 pts
  46. The Flatlanders, Harley Poitras & Byron Prenevost, 1978 Chevrolet Malibu- 1380 pts
  47. Tennessee Whiskey, David Gardiner & Tim Machado, 1998 Chevrolet K1500- 1350 pts
  48. Austin 3:16, Darcy Wall, Clint Wall, Loren Janzen & Kris Indenbosch, 1949 Austin A40 Devon- 1345 pts*
  49. Poor Man’s Vett II, Aaron R & Party D, 1986 Chevrolet Chevette Scooter- 1235 pts
  50. Go Go Gadget Wagon, Cameron Macloed, 1974 Pontiac Astre Safari- 1170 pts*
  51. Thunder Cats, Melissa R & Sonja R, 1984 Pontiac Firebird- 1070pts
  52. Christmas Empirical, Kevin Brown, 1952 Mercury M1 pickup- 875 pts*
  53. Better off Dead, Von & Derek Alexander, 1975 Toyota Corolla- 603pts*
  54. Blackpearl, Paul Whitham & co, 1996 Ford F-150- 450 pts*
  55. Two Headed Monster, Ken & Stephen Paish, 1990 Mercedes-Benz 190e- 370 pts*
  56. Tetanus Toyota, Greg Heinemeyer & Kent Bradley, 1990 Toyota Camry- 240 pts*
  57. Ramrod, Denis, Jordan & Cole, 2005 Ford Crown Victoria- 321 pts*
  58. The Innisfailures, Riley Shanks & Jordan Yandeau, 2003 Honda Odyssey- 137 pts*

*= Missing or incomplete data due to DNF, unable to make finish, or other issues


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