Rolling Outtake: 1972 De Tomaso Pantera – An Argentine’s Ford-powered Italian Car in Israel

My bride of nearly 29 years just returned from a two-week trip to Israel with her parents. While she was there, a text with this photo popped up with the caption, “Did I do good?” Yes, dear, perfect! It looks like she’s captured a 1972 De Tomaso Pantera rounding the bend near Ein Zivan in Northern Israel. That’s Mt. Hermon in the background if my google-fu is any good.

Since this is only an Outtake, you’ll not get a detailed history, but suffice it to say that Alejandro de Tomaso was Argentinian by birth, and emigrated to Italy somewhat under duress in 1955. In 1969, by request of Lee Iacocca, De Tomaso developed the Ford-powered Pantera – “Panther” in English, which fit nicely with L-M’s Cougar, Bobcat and Lynx. The car was manufactured in Modena, Italy and marketed in North America exclusively by Lincoln-Mercury. It’s hard to pin down the exact year of this car, but early 1972 is my best guess based on the lack of the integrated 5 MPH front bumper introduced in late 1972 (at least in NA). This is the second ’72 Pantera I’ve seen in a year – the first was covered in the link below:

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