Vintage Snapshots: The Auto Carriers

This is my next to last post of pictures from the Facebook group “Missouri’s Historic Highways”.

The Standard station touting the Big Bonus is true, but not in the way they were thinking.  Seeing an auto carrier full of new 1958 Edsels is the big bonus here.  This picture was taken in the St. Louis area; the bridge no longer exists.

Going back six or so years, it appears a November snow stopped the progress of these two auto carriers.  Waynesville, referred to on the photograph, is a sister city to St. Robert (think Minneapolis-St. Paul or Dallas-Ft. Worth but on a much smaller scale) which is adjacent to the United States Army’s Fort Leonard Wood.  Former trainees at the fort have called it “Fort Lost In The Woods”.  If one looks at Pulaski County on a Missouri map, they will see the Army owns a sizable portion of the county.

This last picture ties the other two together.  It has an Edsel, albeit a 1959 model, on Route 66 just east of St. Robert.  This alignment is still there and I’ve driven it many times; it is currently marked as Route Z.