Cars Donated to Kars For Kids–Better Than A Car Show!


1958 Buick Special


OK–We’ve all heard the jingle “1-877-KARS-4-KIDS . . . K-A-R-S Cars For Kids . . .”  But what happens when a big national organization puts out a call for people to donate cars of all kinds to their charity?  Out of the 40,000 cars donated per year, some pretty interesting vehicles show up, as you can see by going to this website which features some of the unusual older stuff K4K has collected.



The Kars4KidsGarage website has 30 pages of cars (with 12 cars per page) with detailed photos of the various antique and classic cars they have received as donations.  This is not the Concours d’Elegance–a lot of these machines look like they were pulled out of the yard or garage after Grandpa died.  And many of the cars are what I’d call “typical of the period daily drivers”–not special, top-of-the-line models that usually get the expensive restoration or hot rod treatment.

1958 Buick Special


So I went through all 30 pages, and when I was done these were the cars I remembered.  This post is merely intended to “whet your appetite” since you can easily go to the website and select your own personal favorites.

1930 LaSalle in two-tone beige


1960 Cadillac


1963 Mercury Comet


It’s an S-22! (With the console between the front seats)


1967 Ford Galaxie convertible



1941 DeSoto


1972 Plymouth Fury



1965 Volkswagen Karmann-Ghia in silver


1940 Packard


1953 MG Roadster


1970 Pontiac Catalina


1927 McCormick-Deering tractor



1956 Ford Fairlane



1964 Bentley


So what’s gonna happen to all these cars?  Well, according to the K4K website, “All donated cars are evaluated to determine which method of selling would make the most money for our charity and for the donor, and then either brought to auction or sold for parts.”  So presumably if you’re looking to buy a car at an auction, you may be bidding on a K4K car and not even know it!  I don’t what auction venues they’re using.  And who’s buying the parts?  Are most of these cars going straight to the crusher?  [The website also states that most of the cars they accept are “recycled”(!!)]

“Here’s another one, Luke!”  1958 Lincoln Premiere for sale on Craigslist, $850.  If it doesn’t sell, maybe it’ll join the collection at Kars 4 Kids?


P.S.:  I think it’s pretty cool that Kars 4 Kids decided to put up a website with their more interesting donations pictured.  I’d like to think these cars will go to good homes, or the rare parts will go to those who need them, but who knows?