Storage Yard Classics: Corvairs Aplenty!

When in doubt, lead with the convertible…I came across this grouping of Corvair variants parked/stored/moldering on the other side of the fence from my location the other day.  While I don’t have an in-depth knowledge of Corvairs, I figured someone would appreciate them.  I’ll just walk you guys down the fenceline and let you all fill in the blanks as to year, desirability, and which one you’d want to drag home.  Off we go…

From left to right in the lineup we start with this Corvair Greenbriar van (First Generation).  The van wasn’t offered in the second generation so that makes things easy for me.

Next up is the wagon, also a first generation, also not offered in the second generation.  You want patina?  Here’s your ride.

A second generation sedan from back when sedans were still in favor.  The hood badge reads 110 so this has the larger engine (but smaller than the Corsa version’s).

A two door coupe, also a 110 2nd gen, looking pretty complete if somewhat weathered.

And to the right of that is another four door sedan with a vinyl roof.  (Or just a painted top?)

Skipping over the interloper, we are now back to our lead picture, the convertible.  A first generation car, this one looks pretty far gone.

And last but not least, another two door coupe with an interesting weathering pattern on the side.