Curbside Poetry: Observations From A Lowly Lube Tech

(submitted by Jack H.)

Smooth paint to rusted

Engine bay dusty and cracked

Days, months, years of neglect

Torn seats, chipped leather, tires deflated

Flat, bald, nail in the middle

Empty tank, dry dipstick

Not sure of the make or model

Cup holder sticky, smudged fingers

Spotty glass, curb rash on every tire

20,000 pass due, little orange light

Oil change reminder, line for miles

Maybe 30 minutes, maybe an hour

You’ll wait, group showers


It’s my…


Car wash reminder, side door dink

Fender bender, expired plates, air filter

A nest for fluff, acorns, walnuts, dead rats

Just smack it out, change it later

Full synthetic? way too expensive!

Cheapest stuff you got, you’ll regret it later


Runs hot, burns bad

Washer fluid isn’t supposed to go in there?

Got it for a steal, two test drives

Negotiation, bent him over a barrel

Five hundred bucks a month, zero down!

 Financing, cost sixty, make thirty

Transmission dirty?


Drive it with all disregard

Junkyard, dealer, finger pressed on the

Shiny, new, latest model


Oil change reminder still got some miles

Drive, drive, drive

A little orange, little yellow light

Once a shiny, new, latest model