Swap Meet Classics – Part Two


In the first installment we took a look at the sights that the swap meet parking lot had to offer. This time around we will concentrate on the vehicles and other treasures found inside the swap meet.


There is always a bustling car corral that offers potentially tempting deals on classic motors. This 1963 Studebaker Cruiser caught my eye immediately. It claimed to be a barn find and was on offer for $2,900. A no- sale for the day, it is still available on the local buy-and-sell site for only $1,850. Studebakers surely offer the best ’60s classic car bang for the buck.

1963 Studebaker Cruiser interior

Check out the optional vanity mirror in the glove box.

1963 Studebaker Cruiser rear

A solid looking body with patina that hot rodders would spend thousands to replicate.


Next to the Studebaker was a similarly priced ($3,000) and very original condition 1985 Chrysler Laser Turbo XT, although I doubt the two would be cross-shopped very often. The XT was the top of the lineup in 1985 and offered brisk acceleration from its 2.2L, 146 hp turbocharged four-cylinder engine.

1974 Travco

Also Chrysler-powered is this 1974 Travco motor home. It attracted a lot of attention and was keenly priced but I do not believe it sold at this event.

1987 Mini

On the other side of the size spectrum was this 1987 Mini. Right-hand-drive and a recent import, it sported many aftermarket parts, including wider rims and a Weber carburetor.

1989 Mini

Keen-eyed readers might have noticed this very modified 1989 Mini next to the tamer 1987 example. Custom touches include a body kit, a grille from a much earlier van or pickup variant, convertible conversion. It had an asking price of $13,500.

1989 Mini 1

The rear view offers a better look at the results of that roof surgery.

Model T

For $8,500, this 1925-27 Ford Model T pickup hot rod could have been yours. Rather than a Ford flathead or a Chevy small block V8, this one is equipped with a Chevy II four-cylinder engine.

1926 Dodge Brothers

Buyers obviously preferred their early cars to be stock and complete, as this 1926 Dodge Brothers with a $15k asking price was sold before I arrived.

1966 Meteor Montcalm convertible

As longtime readers know, I have a special interest in vehicles unique to the Canadian market. This 1966 Meteor Montcalm convertible is an example of a Canada-only model. The convertible body style was relatively less common in Canada than in the US, making this convertible a very rare sight.

1968 Metero Rideau 500

Another Canadian classic. I have seen this 1968 Metero Rideau 500 a few times before but its overall original condition (50k miles) and cheerful yellow color always bring a smile to my face. It is a one-owner car so I cannot help but feel that it is a bit of shame to see owner and car parted after so many years together.

1972 Fargo pickup truck

Next up is a sharp-looking and highly optioned D-series pickup truck.

1972 Fargo

But wait! This a Fargo, not the usual Dodge, and being a 1972 model that makes it near the end of the run for Canadian Fargo sales. For those stuck on originality, the stock rims were included in the bed.

Swinn trike

The swap meet offers plenty of interesting stuff to gawk at. This motorized Schwinn trike is a perfect example. It has a fantastic look to it but I am not sure I would actually wish to own it. Certainly not for the $4,000 asking price!


This neat looking go-kart found a new owner before the end of the day. The eyes on the seat are an inspired decorative touch.


This seller offered up an interesting engine size comparison. The Geo three-cylinder engine is painted up to give a passing resemblance to the Austin Mini A-series engine. Aborted engine swap?


At the time I was between collector cars, so the swap meet offered up all sorts of interesting parts that I did not need. I had hoped to connect with the vendor that had been selling an Austin A40 Somerset in previous years, but he failed to show this time around.

Mercedes 240D

I did end up buying two items that I surely did not need, but the price was low enough at only a dollar. One was this Corgi Mercedes 240D taxi.

Land Rover

The other was this Land Rover, in poor condition, by Lesney. Despite a missing roof rack and peeling paint it did roll nicely. A possible mini restoration project for a snowy day? As always I enjoyed my day at the swap meet. It is a chance to spot some interesting vehicles, catch up with friends and maybe make a few frivolous purchases.