CC Outtake: The First Cortina Sighting In The US

Ford Cortina N Squire 1

One of the most elusive cars in my endless CC treasure hunt is the Ford Cortina, which was sold in the US during the sixties in both Mk1 and Mk2 form. And it was reasonably popular, as it offered an attractive package: a roomy, boxy body, lively performance from its ‘Kent’ 1600cc four, crisp steering and sporty handling. Frankly, it was a much more practical package than the Pinto, which borrowed much of its chassis and running gear from the Cortina, but in a vastly less space-efficient body.

These shots were sent to me by my sister-in-law; quite likely her son Aidan pointed it out to her. Ironically, I did see a Mk1 Cortina in her neck of the woods (Bay Area mid-peninsula) a few years back, but didn’t have my camera on me. So here’s to the first US Cortina sighting and posting on CC!

Ford Cortina N Squire 2

And it’s a GT, not surprisingly. I briefly wondered whether this car might have been brought over in more recent times from Europe, given the ‘NL’ badge, but it has the US-spec red turn signals, and there have to be some survivors in California. These did have a rep for rusting badly, but that’s not an issue in the Golden State.