Vintage Snapshots: Street Scenes Part II – You Asked For It!

Cherry IL, 2/12/86

(first posted 4/11/2012)    My first Street Scenes post was a trial balloon of sorts. I think it’s safe to say that most of you Curbside Commenters enjoyed it. With that in mind, I’m happy to announce that Street Scenes will become a regular weekly feature here at Curbside Classic, at least until the pictures run out. Enjoy!

East Dubuque IL, 1/21/86

Do you ever get tired of seeing the same old scenery, no matter what town you’re in? Sick of SUVs and ever-present Camcords? Well join me in a trip back to a time when only Forest Rangers and ranchers drove Suburbans, AMC was still in business, and there weren’t four million cookie-cutter chain restaurants in every town with at least one traffic light.

Huntley IL, 12/27/85

You know you’re in Illinois when you see Old Style beer signs. There are still a ton of them in my area, even today. The two Cutlasses in this shot show just how popular these cars were when new. I remember seeing Colonnade Cutlass Supremes well into the late ’80s.

Loves Park IL, 12/12/85

When’s the last time you saw a front wheel drive Pontiac Phoenix? My principal in grade school had one of these, an ’80 or ’81 in burgundy. I don’t remember him having problems with it, but he did trade it in on a gunmetal gray 1986 Accord sedan, which he drove well into the Nineties.

Manteno IL, June 1987

Well, my 1976 T-Bird (with the Cream and Gold Luxury Group) is just about out of gas and it’s lunchtime, so I need to beg off and stop for some Chinese food. Hope you enjoyed your trip. See you next Wednesday, right here on the CC channel!