Street Scenes Part III: Plainfield To Quincy

Plainfield IL, 2/26/86

It’s time, once again, to return to the Curbside Classics of the past, in 1980s and 1990s Illinois. How about a nice opera-windowed Continental?

Roscoe IL, 12/11/85

This photo was taken from a distance, but if you look hard you can see a Nova, Fairmont Futura, 1975-76 LeSabre sedan, and another Fairmont. See any SUVs? No? Me either. People drove cars back then.

St. Liberty IL, 1/26/96

Okay, there is an SUV in this photo, but it’s a nice compact S10 Blazer. These rusted really fast in my neck of the woods, and few have survived to the present day. And I’m sure educatordan has an interest in that Gran Fury.

Urbana IL, 12/30/85

There’s a nice Subaru GL, Corolla wagon and ’73 Sedan de Ville in this photo, but that classic diner steals this scene from 1985. I wonder if it’s still there…

Quincy IL, 3/12/86

Let’s close out this week’s trip into the past with this shot from Quincy, with a ’70s-tastic two-tone white and burnt orange Omni, bright red LTD Landau and my favorite B-body, a ’79 Bonneville. Remember these images when you’re sharing the road with all the plain silver Camcords and Expeburbans, they’ll help get you through. See you next Wednesday!