Street Scenes Part IV: Back To The ’80s (Again)

N. Cunningham Avenue, Urbana IL, 7/1/87

(first posted 4/25/2012)    Yes, I haven’t yet run out of vintage photos from the ’80s and ’90s, you lucky CCers! This time, I have tried to find some pictures that are a little less Fargo-esque and winter-desolate. Let’s start off with a nice shot from July, twenty five years ago. That Coupe de Ville looks like it could be the same car I found in Moline a couple of months ago, except that car was an ’88. Were the 1988 Cadillacs available in July? And I have to mention that sharp ’77 Bonneville on the right.

N. Perryville Road, Rockford IL, 4/24/97

Here’s another blue-sky shot. Lots of CCs in this one! Whether you fancy the luxury of a Mark VII or the utility of a Chevy Astro, it’s right here. What do you see?

Sinsinawa Avenue, East Dubuque IL, 1/21/86

I know a certain educator out West who would snap up that fine Diplomat SE in a heartbeat. And it isn’t an ex-police car, how about that? That Datsun B210 might be feeling pretty uncomfortable among all that American iron-this is the heartland, after all. My favorite B-body, the 1977-81 Pontiac, is represented halfway down the line by an ’80 or ’81 coupe. Looks like a two-tone version sans vinyl roof. Rare then, rarer now.

Court Street, Pekin IL, photo circa 1985

Here’s the type of vintage strip mall that you don’t see much anymore. How convenient that a first-generation Seville is parked next to its platform mate. Yes, I know the ’76-’79 Seville was heavily modified when compared to the Nova, but that is what they started with. Those vintage neon beer signs are probably worth some money today.

N. 10th Street, Quincy IL, 3/13/86

And for you Mopar fans, how about what is most likely an ex-undercover police Monaco. Just think, it might have the mighty 440 under the hood. I guess not every Seventies Monaco and Fury were blown up and crashed on Dukes of Hazzard.

N. Galena Avenue, Dixon IL, 1/31/86

Wow, it’s a Schlitz distributor – how cool is that? Well, that black LTD II-based Ranchero might be a little bit cooler. It you’re more into GM (I’m looking at you Carmine) how about that sharp ’84 or ’85 Delta 88 Royale. I still miss Oldsmobile.

N. Main Street, Princeton IL, 2/13/86

Let’s close this week’s edition with this motel, which apparently was just off of Interstate 80. I’m sure Mr. Tactful will appreciate the two-tone 1980-84 Town Car, and Paul will probably notice that cool Ford C-Series tanker. And look at those gas prices! The place reminds me of the Braidwood Inn in Planes, Trains and Automobiles. Don’t forget you can click on these photos for a larger version, if you want to positively identify some of these finds. Well, that’s all for now. Stay tuned for Part V next week!