Street Scenes VI: Welcome Back

Illinois Route 1, West Union IL, 6/6/88

Well, it has been a while since our last Street Scenes post, but I have not yet run out of photos, so let’s see what’s in store this week. Here we have a black Pacer station wagon with matching wheel covers. Could it be an elusive Limited, with leather interior?

1397 N. Galena, Dixon IL, 1/31/86

Remember these? This was what Pizza Huts looked like when I was a kid, and many survive to this day, usually as a poorly disguised dollar store or payday loans building. It’s pretty hard to hide that roof style. And I know chrisgreencar will appreciate what appears to be a ’76 Metalime Green Chevy pickup.

721 W. Chestnut, Bloomington IL, 12/10/85

As mentioned in past posts, Midwesterners hung on to their Detroit iron far longer than those on the Left Coast, as evidenced by these Broughamy land yachts shown here, including my favorite B-body, a ’77-’79 Bonneville.

101 S. State Street, Marengo IL, 12/26/85

This photo is pretty interesting, taken the day after Christmas in 1985. There is a nice Buick Estate Wagon just left of center. The building clearly had a taller roofline (maybe even an additional floor) when new, and most likely had a pointy turret roof on the corner. I wonder what it originally housed, as it looks like it had a giant semicircular window at some point in the past. I wonder if the building is still there.

2309 W. Glen, Peoria IL, 3/6/86

Here is what strip malls looked like 25 years ago, before they got prettied up by developers with trees and landscaping and called “lifestyle centers” or some such marketing term no normal person would use. Oh, and there’s a Honda Civic and ’76 Delta 88 hardtop too.

4007 E. State Street, Rockford IL, 8/17/94

Lots of potential CCs in this picture. If you look right underneath that cool, undoubtedly neon-lit at night sign, there is a black Dodge Omni or Plymouth Horizon.

Well, that’s all for this week. I will leave you with this more recent shot from 1996, featuring a 1994-95 Sedan de Ville, appropriately parked in front of the Eldorado Grill. Just a bit ahead of it is what may be the nicest car in today’s set, a ’63 Thunderbird Landau. See you next time!

219 N. Main Street, Galena IL, 6/19/96