Streetscape: Big Rig Backing Up – Lady On Grocery Getter Photobombing

2015 Volvo FH and 2018 Pacton - 1

Zoom!…just when I had focussed on the Volvo-Pacton couple and clicked, a lady on her bicycle crossed the street. Then again, she’s clearly also transporting goods, just like the combination in the background.

It’s quite common that big rigs drive all the way into a town center, especially for delivering all kinds of building materials. The Volvo driver had just finished unloading at a jobsite and was all set and ready for backing up to get out of town, on his way to the main road again.

2015 Volvo FH and 2018 Pacton - 2

The 2015 Volvo FH 4×2 tractor was towing (pushing here, actually) a 2018 Pacton tridem axle curtainsider with a Terberg truck semi-trailer mounted forklift. Meanwhile, the driver had lifted the Pacton’s first axle.

I didn’t pay attention to the semi-trailer’s axle set-up, but I’d say the second and third axle are steering axles. The rig’s axle loads add up to a GVM-rating of 46.5 metric tons (102,515 lbs).

Looking through the windshield, we clearly see an aftermarket, old school steering wheel. Given its sweet, six-cylinder turbodiesel roar (to my ears, anyway) I bet the tractor has a straight exhaust.

2015 Volvo FH and 2018 Pacton - 3

We’ve got clearance! A cakewalk from here on. Certainly for this trucker.