Streetscape Challenge UK: Outside Woolworth’s, Coventry, 1961

Cov 1961

I’ve recently started researching, for reasons that will become apparent later this spring, a feature for CC that includes some views of the post war shopping and business centre of Coventry, England, and could not let this one go by without note.

Coventry was very heavily bombed in November 1940, and the city took the opportunity to recreate and re-plan the centre in what was then perceived as being the modern, futuristic style of precincts rather than streets, and roof top parking for cars in many places. The long term success of this can be discussed another day, but how many of these can you recognise, and how many are local products,  built in Coventry? Click the picture for a bigger view.

Usual CC prize offered, RHD version. Good luck.

I’ll post my answers in a couple of days.