Truck Show Classics: 2018 Mix Of Old Trucks And Tractors – And One Minibus

A very long period of dry, sunny and warm weather gave me a perfect excuse (…) to visit many car and truck shows this year. Looking back, our summer lasted from early April to mid-October. The end result is a stockpile of pictures, still waiting for publication. Let’s start with a random collection of the big guys I caught throughout the year.

Here’s a 1978 Ford D0707 flatbed truck with dropsides, its payload capacity is 3,320 kg (7,319 lbs). The 1965-1981 D-series from the UK was Ford’s highly successful handyman and all-rounder.

1980 Scania 141 4×2 tractor with V8 power, brought to the show by M. and C. van Veen from Hazerswoude-Dorp (DougD’s roots).

1966 Mercedes-Benz O 319D minibus. Neither with a V8, nor with any power to speak of.

1996 Scania 143 6×2 tractor with a liftable tag axle. And stacks. And a big diesel tank. Under its nose a 420 DIN-hp, 14 liter V8. Of course the griffin rides along.

I certainly wasn’t expecting this, a magnificent 1982 Leyland T45 Roadtrain 19.28 4×2 tractor. Heavy British trucks lorries and Continental Europe never went well together, to put it mildly; their market share was always less than marginal.

This generation of heavy Leylands was introduced in 1980 and throughout its production run it was offered with Leyland, Cummins, Rolls-Royce and Gardner diesel engines. After some research I’d say this LHD T45 Roadtrain, with a Dutch first owner, has a 280 hp Leyland TL12 engine.

1974 Scania 110 Super 4×2 tractor. Super as in turbocharged, not supercharged.

1984 Scania 112 4×2 tractor. The 112 conventional, introduced in 1980, immediately turned the 111 conventional -which looked exactly the same as the 110 further above- into a relic.

1973 Hanomag-Henschel F 45 truck, 45 as in 4.5 metric tons GVM. Hanomag’s F-series of trucks was introduced in 1967. In 1969, Hanomag merged with Henschel. Only a year later, the newly formed company was taken over by Daimler (Mercedes-Benz).

Another Hanomag-Henschel, an F 191 AK 4×4 dump truck. These trucks and tractors, also offered as a conventional model, were based on the heavy Henschel vehicles as introduced in the early sixties.

1967 Scania-Vabis 76 Super 6×2 tractor. Scania-Vabis was the truck maker’s name prior to 1969.

Originally, DAF was a trailer and semi-trailer manufacturer. The production of rolling truck and tractor chassis started in the late forties. The company’s light-weight Eurotrailer dates back to the early sixties.

Does anyone know another company that built complete big rigs? That is, both the tractor and the semi-trailer or both the truck and the trailer.

1975 Ginaf TF10 6×6 dump truck. These Ginafs were fully based on REO military chassis with a Euro-diesel engine swap, mostly DAF.

And now it’s about time to make a decent inventory of new and old iron before the weather changes…

Happy Holidays!