Truck Show Outtake: Scania And System Trailers Fahrzeugbau – Belgian Swede Treat

This colorful ensemble from Belgium was the gatekeeper at the 2019 WSI XXL show. I could have sworn it was an owner-operator’s big rig, given its looks and options, but a quick web search learned that the Peter Wouters company owns around 30 tractor units. All of them in different colors and color schemes.

The tractor is a Scania R520 with a steering and liftable pusher axle, that’s the single-wheeled axle ahead of the drive axle.

The R520 was introduced in March 2013, meeting the then new Euro 6 emission standards. The number 520 stands for the DIN-hp rating (from a 16.4 liter V8). As an aside, not one truck maker puts a badge on the cab’s front or sides with the formal kW-rating. Maximum horsepower it is.

In August 2016, this series was superseded by what Scania calls their Next Generation.

On the tractor’s right side, a Danish case, as these are called here. In any case, it’s for storing stuff, as you already might have guessed.

System Trailers Fahrzeugbau from Germany built the semi-trailer. The first axle of the curtain sider is liftable, the third is self-steering.

The manufacturer rates the semi-trailer at a maximum GVM of 43 metric tons (94,800 lbs). That’s 27 tons axle load, 9 tons for each axle, plus 16 tons resting on the tractor’s fifth wheel coupling.

Even more stuff can be stored on both sides of the semi-trailer.

Ready to roll, and thanks to its big V8 it’s always ready to rumble.