Truck Show Outtake: Tetrising Big Volvos

Volvo and GS truck transporter

The Zandbergen hauling company, specialized in transporting full-size on- and off-road vehicles, brought one of their truck & trailer combinations to the show I recently visited. There were three Volvo 4×2 tractors aboard the rig, forming a colorful ensemble.

2017 Volvo FH - front and side view

The leader of the pack is a 2017 Volvo FH truck with low profile tires and a liftable, baby pusher axle. GS Meppel built both the truck body and the complete trailer.

2017 Volvo FH - side view

Parked on the truck bed, a Volvo FM, the FH-series’ smaller brother. Especially cab-wise, evidently.

2017 Volvo FH - drive and pusher axle

The Volvo drive axle and Estepe baby pusher axle, rated at an axle load of 11.5 and 3.8 metric tons, respectively.

2017 GS Meppel - trailer coupling

The trailer coupling is mounted low, directly behind the truck’s rearmost axle (the drive axle here). This is the typical set-up for a truck towing a mid-axle trailer.

2017 GS Meppel trailer - side view

Like this one, with a tridem axle configuration.

2017 GS Meppel trailer - Volvo FH tractors

The white Volvo FH tractor has a sleeper cab with a low roof, something you don’t see every day in the top segment of Euro-cabovers.

2019 Volvo FH LNG - 1

Let’s also focus on the one all the way at the back, a 2019 Volvo FH Globetrotter (the sleeper cab with a raised roof, the norm).

2019 Volvo FH LNG - 2

It’s running on LNG (liquefied natural gas). Nowadays, multiple truck makers offer an optional LNG engine in their heavy vehicles.

2019 Volvo FH LNG - 3

For a test drive, call the number mentioned on the side of the roof. You’d better leave it to a Zandbergen crew member to get the precious tractor off the trailer in good order.