Truck Show Outtakes: A Selection Of Today’s Trucks And Tractors – DAFs Only This Time


This year I’ve posted dozens of pictures of classic heavy-duty trucks and tractors. Now let’s have a look at some examples of rolling jumbos we see on our roads today. All pictures were taken on October 1, 2016 at the DAF factory in Eindhoven. During the yearly DAF Museum Days the truckmaker also displays a number of recent and new products.

The first one is a 2016 DAF CF 460 Construction 6×4 dump truck. The CF Construction is designed for earthmoving and other tough jobs. Compared with a standard CF it features, among other things, an increased approach angle, higher ground clearance, a more robust bumper and “straight” front axles.


The number 460 on the door is the hp-rating. The CF is DAF’s midsize model and Euro 6 is the current emission standard. The truck is powered by a PACCAR MX-13, an inline-6 engine with 12.9 liter displacement, and its maximum legal GVM is 27 metric ton (59,500 lbs).


A close-up of the trailer coupling.


This whole rig, a 6×4 truck towing a mid-axle dump trailer, looks so typical German. The norm for this kind of job in the Netherlands is a straight truck with 4 or 5 axles, often 8×8 and 10×8, with a maximum legal GVM up to 50 metric ton (110,200 lbs).


Here’s a 2015 DAF CF 460 Construction 8×4, also with a dump bed. A concrete mixer might be another application for this chassis.


Its maximum legal GVM is 37 metric ton (81,500 lbs). Add another 3 ton for the factory number.


Something completely different, a 2016 DAF XF 440 Low Deck tractor. The XF is DAF’s top model, the one above has the Super Space Cab, the truckmaker’s biggest walk-through cab. It’s powered by a 10.8 liter PACCAR MX-11 engine.


A combination like this is typically used for transporting voluminous goods. When size does matter, in other words.


Low Deck -with low profile tires- visualized.


The semi-trailer is a Schmitz Cargobull, made in Germany.


On the other side of the spectrum, when weight does matter, is this 2015 DAF XF 510 heavy-haulage tractor with a Space Cab. Powered by a PACCAR MX-13 engine.


The 2nd axle is liftable and steerable. Factory rated axle loads, starting at the tractor’s front: 9,000 kg – 8,000 kg – 13,000 kg – 13,000 kg. That’s a heavy-haulage tractor alright.


Faymonville from Belgium built the semi-trailer. The company is specialized in developing and manufacturing heavy-haulage trailers and semi-trailers. And I must admit that I had never heard of Takeuchi before.



Brand new, it must have just left the factory, the DAF CF 460 tractor above. PACCAR’s biggest own engine, the MX-13, is also available in the CF midsizer. Other engine options are the PX-7 (6.7 liter) and MX-11 (10.8 liter).

From 220 to 510 hp, there’s a CF for everyone. But for trans-European long distance hauling the big XF is the preferred choice.


And here’s an ancestor of the big XF, a DAF 95.500 long distance tractor from the mid-nineties.


Noteworthy is that the 95.500 is powered by a Cummins 14 liter engine. The biggest power unit that DAF built back then was their renowned 11.6 liter engine. Alas, not enough for a 500+ hp top model, so they called Cummins.

But in 1997 DAF introduced their own new 12.6 liter engine, the most powerful version was good for 530 hp and that meant the end for the Cummins 14 liter in a Euro-DAF. And so ends this impression of our modern road kings. Keep On Trucking.