Truck Show Outtakes: Wagenborg’s Traveling Circus – The Strongman And The Auxiliaries

2014 Demag AC700 - 1

This 20.70 m (67’11”) long and 3.00 m (9’10”) wide colossus is the most impressive rigid rolling creature I’ve ever laid my eyes on. Its sheer weight of approximately 108 tons (238,000 lbs) already boggles the mind.

Although the monstrous 2014 all-terrain crane says Terex on its front and sides, it’s registered as a Demag AC 700. The number 700 in the model designation doesn’t refer to the engine’s hp-rating for a change. It’s the crane’s maximum lifting capacity in metric tons, actually. That’s another mind-boggler.

2014 Demag AC700 - 2

From 2002 to 2019, the well-known and globally operating Terex Corporation owned crane manufacturer Demag (Deutsche Maschinenbau-Aktiengesellschaft) from Germany. Nowadays, Demag is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Japanese Tadano Group.

2014 Demag AC700 - 3

2014 Demag AC700 - 4

Nine axles in total and only one of them is a non-steering axle. This makes a twin steer set-up look like a nice trucking business starter kit. The third, fourth, eighth and ninth axle are the rig’s drive axles.

The Demag is powered by a 15.6 liter, Mercedes-Benz OM473 inline-six turbocompound engine with a maximum power output of 626 DIN-hp. And suddenly all that seems to be a bit underwhelming.

2014 Demag AC700 - 5

Nicknamed Bello, the dauntless dachshund. Right. If you want to dive really deep into the specifications of such a Demag all-terrain crane, look around here.

2019 MAN TGX 6x4 - 1

The strongman comes with its own sideshow to carry all the additional equipment. A 2019 MAN TGX 6×4 tractor with a 2017 Nooteboom MPL-97-06 semi low loader. The tractor is powered by MAN’s D3876 inline-six, the truck maker’s biggest engine with a displacement of 15.2 liter. Wagenborg opted for the 580 DIN-hp version.

2017 Nooteboom MPL-97-06

The Nooteboom semi low loader is rated at a GVW of 97 metric tons (213,848 lbs). As an aside, the legal maximum GCVW of the whole couple is about the same as the weight of the Demag crane, given the tractor’s curb weight of 9.5 tons.

Sitting on top of things, a 2017 Volkswagen Golf Variant 1.6 TDI, a company car for the crew members.

2019 MAN TGX 6x4 - 2

Registration-wise, this MAN TGX is 11 days older than the one further above. For the rest, all specifications are the same. The tractor is also teamed up with an identical Nooteboom semi low loader.

2020 Scania R500 8x4

Unfolded, a 2020 Scania R500 8×4 tractor with a Palfinger 165 tonmeter crane, mounted between the cab and the fifth wheel coupling.

2020 Scania R500 8x4 tractor with Palfinger crane and low loader

The same Scania, coupled to a low loader. The tractor is equipped with an electric-hydraulic drive unit for the crane (photo courtesy of Palfinger Nederland).

2019 Demag AC500-8

Stretching its muscles, a 2019 Demag AC 500-8, also powered by a Mercedes-Benz OM473 engine. Eight axles in total, hence the 8 in the model designation.

Now let’s get this show on the road! A 2018 video, specifically highlighting the article’s AC 700 and another AC 500. What a mighty machinery!