Truck Stop Classic: 1964 Volvo L495 Titan 4×2 Flatbed Truck – The Traditional Conventional

In 1951 Volvo introduced their new and largest truck model at that point in time, the L395 Titan-series. From 1953 onwards it was powered by Volvo’s D96 diesel engine, a 9.6 liter inline-six with a maximum power output of 152 DIN-hp. The turbocharged TD96 engine (188 DIN-hp) became available in 1954, it was the truck maker’s first turbodiesel. In Europe, Volvo and DAF were the leading truck-turbodiesel initiators.

An updated Titan, the L495, was introduced in 1959. The 1964 L495 I caught has a Vogelzang truck bed with dropsides. The Volvo is rated at a maximum GVM of 15,175 kg (33,455 lbs).

Both the dropsides and the stakes are easily detachable, if necessary. Many small hooks are welded underneath the bed’s frame, all along its sides, the rear included; back then loads were always secured with ropes, not with the readily straps as we know them now. The hooks were also used for securing a tarp.

There’s a small hoist aboard the truck.

Dutch coachbuilder Hondebrink made this truck’s cab. In those days it was still quite common that a domestic coachbuilder fabricated an all-steel truck cab. Some other cab builders were BeGe, Paul & Van Weelde and Van Eck.

The Titan really is a traditional conventional, isn’t it? This model lasted till 1973, by then it was known as the Volvo N88. It was superseded by the square-lined and modern Volvo N7/N10/N12.