Truck Stop Classic: 1989 FAUN HZ50 Goliath 8×8 – Diesel Locomotive

ALE- 1989 Faun Goliath 8x8 - 1

Herkules, Koloss, Goliath, Gigant. FAUN’s Fabulous Four of yore. Capable of moving a mountain, up to a weight of 500 tonnes anyway. Originally known as the modular HZ-series of heavy haulage tractors, introduced in 1974. Back then, the German manufacturer had already ended the production of standard-size (though heavy), on-highway trucks and tractors.

The steel brutes were offered with a Mercedes-Benz, Deutz (air-cooled), Cummins or Detroit Diesel (two-stroke) engine. The transmissions were sourced from ZF and Allison.

ALE- 1989 Faun Goliath 8x8 - 2

In January 1989, three new and identical Goliaths started their career in the UK. In 2010, they were sent to work in South Africa. This is one of them, based in the UK again, recently restored. Now live on stage in the livery of ALE (Abnormal Load Engineering, taken over by Mammoet in January 2020).

The machine’s hidden hardware: an 18.9 liter, Cummins KT19-450 inline-six, an Allison six-speed Powershift CL(B)T 5962 transmission, an Allison TC-680 torque converter and a Kessler two-speed transfer case. Quite a line-up.

ALE- 1989 Faun Goliath 8x8 - 3

ALE- 1989 Faun Goliath 8x8 - 4

The tractor’s complete frame and the four planetary drive axles with longitudinal differential locks are in-house FAUN products.

A ready-for-action Goliath weighs around 48 tonnes, approx. 30 tonnes of ballast (for optimal traction) included. During its working life, the gross combination weight rating was 300 tonnes/660,000 lbs.

ALE- 1989 Faun Goliath 8x8 - 5

All aboard! Truck maker Magirus-Deutz supplied the cabs for the FAUN diesel locomotives. Fahrzeugfabriken Ansbach und Nürnberg AG never built these for rail transport though.

ALE- 3x 1989 Faun Goliath 8x8

Teamwork at its best! Better not try to count the number of wheels.

Two of the ALE-Goliaths at work in the UK, back in September 2009. One pulling, the other pushing. Now that’s a parade I would like to watch (video by Tom Evans).

Faun Goliath brochure - Cummins

Brochure Cummins powered Goliath


Faun Goliath beochure - Deutz

Brochure Deutz powered Goliath


More information, specs and images can be found in the factory brochures, as posted on this page of

And that was another item I can cross off my Creatures-To-See list. And thank you guys from the UK for bringing Goliath over!