Truck Stop Classic: DAF 3600 Space Cab – G’day Mate!

DAF 3600 ATi 6x4 Australia - 1

Although this gnarly 6×4 tractor says DAF on the grille, only its frame, front axle and tilt cab can be traced back to the truck maker’s Dutch and Belgian origins.

Somewhere in the second half of the eighties, it was assembled by Western Star Trucks in Australia and it’s now powered by a Cummins engine. Then there’s an Eaton-Fuller transmission and last but not least, it has Rockwell drive axles with Hendrickson suspension.

On the European market, all powertrain components but the transmission would have been in-house products. DAF has never built transmissions for their heavy vehicles, unlike Mercedes-Benz, Volvo and Scania.

DAF 3600 ATi 6x4 Australia - 2

The 3600 was introduced in 1985, in those days it was DAF’s flagship model, most certainly when it had the F241-series Space Cab with its raised roof. These taller cabs offered much more interior space and storage solutions, convenient for long distance trucking.

DAF 3600 ATi 6x4 Australia - 3

Trilex rims all around, still very common on heavy Australian trucks and tractors.

DAF 3600 ATi 6x4 Australia - 4

Down Under is written all over the set-up and appearance of this tractor prime mover. The dog on the left doesn’t seem too keen on facing the old beast.

DAF 3600 ATi 6x4 Australia - 5

Such a decal is always a nice touch.

DAF 3600 ATi 6x4 Australia - 6

The DAF in its glory days, 32 years ago, as featured in a trucker magazine. It used to have an extra fuel tank, mounted on top of the tractor’s frame, behind the cab.

Back then it had the original 11.6 liter DAF engine with 360 hp; by no means overpowered. Have a look on BIGtruck online magazine for many more pictures, two other former Australian DAFs and a video.