Truck Stop Classics: 1971 And 1975 Magirus-Deutz Eckhauber 6×6 – Square Lined And Air Cooled

When a Dutch earth moving company was in the market for a new, heavy 6×6 truck in the seventies, there was plenty of choice. Truck manufacturers Ginaf, Terberg, MAN, Mercedes-Benz, Magirus-Deutz, Tatra and Steyr offered highly capable and durable factory AWD chassis. Both the Magirus-Deutz and the Tatra trucks were always powered by an air cooled diesel engine.

At a recently held, sublime classic truck show I caught a duo of AWD, Magirus-Deutz Eckhaubers. Top tier off-road machinery of yore.

This generation of heavy, conventional Magirus-Deutz trucks and tractors was introduced in 1953 and was built till 1971, so you might call this magnificent 1971 dump truck the final edition model. Well, not entirely, as the production of some specialties continued for a few years.

Eckhauber is actually a generic name, only used for the Magirus-Deutz brand; best to describe as a square lined nose job. This type of model designation, as seen on the old school hood, appeared in 1964.

To be complete, the subject is a Magirus-Deutz 170 D 21 AK: 170 DIN-hp (176, more precisely) – Deutz (the engine) – 21 metric tons GVM (46,300 lbs) – Allrad Kipper (AWD dump truck). Its power comes from a naturally aspirated V6 with a displacement of 8,424 cc, called the F6L413V engine.

The front axle and its suspension.

The rear tandem…

…and a view from down under.

A 1968 brochure of the 230 D 26. The Eckhauber’s headlight units were still sitting on top of the bumper then.

The 6×4 (top image) and 6×6 chassis, as you can see the 230 was powered by a V8. More of the brochure here.

Also present, much to my delight, was a 1975 Eckhauber. This dump truck -imported from Norway- respresents the last generation, as introduced in 1971.

It’s a Magirus-Deutz 232 D 22 AK; 232 DIN-hp (from an 11.3 liter V8) with a GVM-rating of 22 metric tons (22.5, more precisely).

In the mid-seventies, the old truck maker from Ulm was integrated into the newly formed Iveco company. Iveco still offers excellent AWD trucks (4×4, 6×6 and 8×8). And Deutz still offers excellent air cooled diesels.

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