Truck Stop Classics: Straw-Laden Flatbeds – For Display Purposes Only

1991 Scania T143 6x2 straw-laden - 1

What a cool idea for a hot summer day! Have two classic flatbed rigs loaded with straw bales by the local forage supplier and then drive them to the show nearby, thus giving the visitors the full picture. Or telling them the whole story.

1991 Scania T143 6x2 straw-laden - 2

A true showpiece, this conventional 1991 Scania T143 V8 6×2 truck with a 2009 Cuppers trailer. The Scania follows the traditional 6×2 recipe, which means the third axle is a non-steering, liftable tag axle with dual wheels.

The truck maker’s 3-series was introduced in 1988 and has become a sought-after classic in the past years, most certainly the 143 cabovers and conventionals with the hammering 14.2 liter V8.

Scania LBS 111 straw-laden - 1

An older and much more down-to-earth duo, the 1980 Groenewegen trailer, coupled to a Scania LBS 111. The letters LBS refer to a cabover with a 6×2 drivetrain, either a truck chassis or a tractor unit.

Scania LBS 111 straw-laden - 2

No license plate on the truck, so nothing to go on, but it must be about 45 years old. There’s an 11 liter inline-six underneath the sleeper cab, likely with a maximum power output of 305 hp.

The sun visor and especially the Trilex wheels are rather ‘un-Dutch’. My best guess is that the truck was imported from Switzerland, not only because of the little flag on the side of the cab, but also because such wheels have always been highly common over there.

Maas & Waal Fourage - Volvo - 1

I mentioned the local forage supplier, this is one of the company’s modern combinations. A 6×2 straight truck is still in charge, but the trailer set-up is completely different. Instead of a full trailer, the Volvo FH tows a center-axle trailer (which is as big as these get).

Full trailers, center-axle trailers and semi-trailers are all utilized in this line of business. International transport is commonplace, as straw is imported in large quantities from countries like Germany, the UK, France and Spain.

Maas & Waal Fourage - Scania - 1

And for protection against the elements, a curtainsider is the way to go. Certainly when there’s a long way to go. (contemporary flatbed rigs: photo courtesy of Maas & Waal Fourage en Transport)