CC Global: Two Tractors, More Than 50 Years Apart – Both Making a Big Noise

1972 Deutz D80 06A - 1

Deutz, an illustrious name in the vehicle manufacturing industry. The company’s founders gave us the internal combustion engine as we know it. Their air-cooled diesel engines were distributed all over the world, in large numbers. And Northwestern Europe is still littered with classic Deutz tractors.

1972 Deutz D80 06A - 2

Like this dauntless, 1972 Deutz D80 06A. The letter A stands for Allrad(antrieb), all-wheel drive.

1972 Deutz D80 06A - 3

You want to ride shotgun? Take a seat on the left fender and hang on!

1972 Deutz D80 06A - 4

There’s the air-cooled Deutz diesel, type F6L 912. A six-cylinder with a displacement of 5,655 cc, maximum power output 80 DIN-hp @ 2,100 rpm.

1972 Deutz D80 06A - 5

Klöckner-Humboldt-Deutz AG, or simply KHD, was the ol’ mother ship. And Köln is the native spelling of Cologne.

1972 Deutz D80 06A - 6

1972 Deutz D80 06A - 7

1972 Deutz D80 06A - 8

A major CC-advantage of a classic tractor, all the technology is fully exposed. What you see is what you get.

1972 Deutz D80 06A - 9

Hey mister, better wear some hearing protection! (judging by the brochure, he speaks English) And never mind the absence of a roll bar or any form of protection from the elements. But that’s how farmers rolled (over), back in the day.

Van Houten - 2023 Scania S530 V8 - 1

Van Houten - 2023 Scania S530 V8 - 2

More than 50 years later, this 2023 Scania S530 V8 4×2 tractor started its on-road career. Now look, I never mentioned two farm tractors…

Van Houten - 2023 Scania S530 V8 - 3

Van Houten - 2023 Scania S530 V8 - 4

A quintessential, heavy-duty Euro 4×2 cabover tractor, rated at 19 tonnes (41,888 lbs) GVW. Commonplace all over the continent, mostly coupled to a tridem axle/six super singles semi-trailer.

Similar on-highway tractor units are also offered by DAF, Volvo, MAN, Mercedes-Benz, Renault, and Iveco. And let’s not forget Ford and BMC, both from Turkey. But if you want a V8, the shortlist is really short, as Scania is the only supplier.

Van Houten - 2023 Scania S530 V8 - 5

Van Houten - 2023 Scania S530 V8 - 6

And Mr. Eastwood is riding along just fine!

Van Houten - 2023 Scania S530 V8 - 7

Van Houten - 2023 Scania S530 V8 - 8

According to the young driver, that’s an 800 liter tank on the left side and a 400 liter tank on the right side, adding up to a total diesel tank capacity of 1,200 liters (317 US gallons). As an aside, cylindrical diesel tanks are de facto non-existent here.

Van Houten - 2023 Scania S530 V8 - 9

Van Houten - 2023 Scania S530 V8 - 10

The Scania comes with an air-suspended tilt cab.

Van Houten - 2023 Scania S530 V8 - 11

A CC-disadvantage of a modern tractor, all the technology is barely visible. Luckily the chassis wasn’t covered up entirely.

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