Truck Show Outtake: 2024 DAF XD 410 FT And 2023 Van Hool City Trailer – We Expect You To Deliver

Van Eijk - DAF XD 410 FT - Van Hool City Trailer - 1

First registration on May 2, captured on May 5. Truly brand spanking new, this DAF XD 410 FT tractor. And the truck maker’s XD-series, introduced in 2022, is also the latest entry on the European market for regional distribution vehicles. It’s a perfect fit between DAF’s light XB-series and the heavy-duty XF/XG/XG+ models.

The combination’s main job is delivering animal feed and building materials in residential areas and cities. Its payload capacity and load volume are clearly several steps ahead of the more ordinary, straight 4×2 delivery trucks.

Van Eijk - DAF XD 410 FT - Van Hool City Trailer - 2

This color can be best described as ‘Van Eijk Brothers Green’, distinctive and recognizable from a country mile. The company opted for a completely mirror-free XD cab, which means cameras outside and displays inside. One of the cameras is mounted on the right side, at the lower end of the windshield, it’s called DAF Corner View.

The tractor is powered by the 10.8 liter, MX-11 inline-six turbodiesel. As the model designation already indicates, its maximum power output is 410 DIN-hp.

DAF XD interior

A factory impression of the XD interior, here with the optional ‘Kerb View Window’ (quote DAF) in the right door, which is always combined with a foldable passenger seat.

Van Eijk - DAF XD 410 FT - Van Hool City Trailer - 3

Van Eijk took delivery of 20 units of these XD 4×2 tractors, an interesting order for the dealership for sure. They replaced the company’s DAF CF tractors, the XD-series’ predecessor.

Van Eijk - DAF XD 370 FA

And naturally, 4×2 delivery trucks are also part of their fleet, like this 2023 DAF XD 370 FA, rated at a GVW of 19.5 tonnes (42,990 lbs) – exactly the same gross weight rating as the tractor units.

Van Eijk - DAF XD 410 FT - Van Hool City Trailer - 4

The new DAF I caught at the show was coupled to a 2023 Van Hool City Trailer with curtainsides and a Dhollandia cantilever liftgate.

The registered overall length of the tandem axle semi-trailer is 11.50 m (37’9”), its payload capacity is 24,720 kg (54,498 lbs).

Van Hool City Trailer

Needless to mention, the Van Hool City Trailer comes with a counter-steering rearmost axle, so I just post a picture. And evidently, the chassis is fully galvanized.

On a sad note: early April 2024, Belgium-based Van Hool went bankrupt. The bus and coach division goes to the Dutch VDL Group, whereas the trailer division will most likely end up in the hands of Schmitz CargoBull from Germany.

Let’s end with a more cheerful note though: this year, DAF is celebrating its 75th anniversary as a truck manufacturer (note that the history of the Van Doorne business goes back to 1928) and 2023 was a record-breaking year with a total of almost 70,000 units sold in Europe and elsewhere.