Truck Stop Classic: 1988 MAN 19.321 And 1992 Floor Trailer – Unconventional Re-Creation And Recreation

Bok - MAN 19.321 and Floor full trailer - 1

Reviving a classic long distance truck and trailer combination with a conventional MAN model that was never used in that category of on-highway trucking. The additional fun factor is its current registration as a recreational vehicle. The whole accommodation unit rests on the truck bed, completely out of sight, thanks to the tarpaulin cover.

The 320 DIN-hp, 1988 MAN 4×2 started its working career in Portugal, it was imported into the Netherlands in 2010. Noteworthy is that it originally was a tractor unit.

The transmission was sourced from Fuller. According to the MAN factory specifications and brochures from the eighties, that must be the RTO 9513.

Bok - MAN 19.321 and Floor full trailer - 2

Now wait a minute here, a 1969-1994 MAN Ponton Kurzhauber with a sleeper cab? To my knowledge, that never happened.

Well, evidently it happened at least once. More precisely, the cab extension was realized in the shop of truck restorer Peter Visser, as I found out after a little bit of interwebs digging.

Visser Truckrestauratie - MAN 19.321 - 1

Visser Truckrestauratie - MAN 19.321 - 2

Visser Truckrestauratie - MAN 19.321 - 3

Visser Truckrestauratie - MAN 19.321 - 4

A fine piece of craftsmanship I can highly appreciate and admire. The name of the MAN’s previous Dutch owner is still on the doors (photo courtesy of Visser Truckrestauratie).

Bok - MAN 19.321 and Floor full trailer - 3

Such tarpaulin covers predate the curtainsiders as we know them now. Both the classic and the modern set-up can be best described as a hybrid of a flatbed and a box truck.

Volvo G89 - Zeilmakerij Van Horssen

An example of a similar, old-school construction, sans tarps. Wonderful Volvo G89 6×2 truck, by the way! (photo courtesy of Zeilmakerij Van Horssen B.V.)

Bok - MAN 19.321 and Floor full trailer - 4

The MAN tows a matching, 1992 Floor full trailer with a wide-spread tandem and dual wheels on all axles, rated at a GVW of 28 tonnes (61,700 lbs). Serious business, then and now. As far as I know, the Floor is not used as a camper trailer.

Bok - MAN 19.321 and Floor full trailer - 5

‘Luchtvering’ means air suspension. The Floor company was also known for their heavy-duty, Detroit Diesel powered FTF trucks and tractor units.

Janssen - FTF 6x2 truck and full trailer

Like this 6×2 truck from the early eighties, towing a full trailer with two axles. A combination with five axles, perfectly suited for traveling abroad.

Unsurprisingly, our happy camper is a retired hauling company owner. Back in the day, many MAN vehicles were part of the fleet, in the exact same color scheme as the unconventional RV.