CC Commercial: Chrysler Qualitehh and the End of the Inundated Ignition

Chrysler’s new-for-’71, standard-for-’73 electronic ignition system means the car is virtually sure to start—even if it’s wet and splashy out! We take such things utterly for granted nowtimes, but back then it was a novelty. To a degree utterly unimaginable in the 1960s and ’70s (and ’80s), today’s cars are indifferent and adaptable to whatever ambient conditions might present. Time was, “Will the car start?” and “What if the car breaks down?” warranted planning for—and supported the gas station service bays that are now almost extinct because they can’t pay their way any more. Electronic ignition gave cars a big shove forward towards those questions’ obviation. (Also: Remember how hoods used to flex like that if you grabbed them at one corner to close them?)

Yyesssssss, electronic ignitionnnnnnnnnn is just one of the many, many advances in qualitehh to be found in Chrysler-Plymouth’s fiiiiine 1972 caaaaaarrs. To learn about more of them, watch this next movie. When you hear this sound ( »doong!« ), advance the film:

That’s not just any ol’ random ol’ seventieslicious educationa/advertising film music in the background, by the way. No, it’s an instrumental rendition of Chrysler-Plymouth Comin’ Thru, of which here’s the full two-minute-and-46-second version with Andy Griffith-style intro and very eventual vocals (not til 1:18…your what? Your inviction for the morning?) and all:

…Yeah, no problem; I know you were looking for a weekend earworm. Glad to help out. Still not convinced yet? Okeh, then watch this 1973 spot—now with 100% more space!