CC Commercial: Selling the New Chevrolet, 1977

The new-for-’77 GM B-bodies are an evergreen topic, usually emblematised—then as now—by the Chev Caprice. These cars were big news, a game-changer, a harbinger, blahbitty blah, et cetera; if you’re reading this you’ve already heard it all.

There was a variety of television ads for them; some featured Jerry Orbach (years before that incessant
Doong-Doonk! scene-change sound effect on “Law & Order” greyed his hair) holding 12-cube boxes and describing how many more of those cubic feet fit in the new ’77:

Others were truncated, 30-second versions of today’s feature ad. All of them featured the prescient double-entendre slogan, “more like it”.

Pop some popcorn, because today’s feature film is a full ninety seconds’ worth of mid-late ’70s trope bingo: the hairstyles; the fashions; the priorities; the Brady-Bunchy boxes-in-squares graphics; the choir-over-brass-and-strings multipart-harmony pomp, the smashdown of normative social assumptions—Black people and women, too, could choose and buy new cars in 1977! Really, all that’s missing is the Solid Gold dancers—they were still three or four years in the future when these ads played. Things really get rolling just before the one-minute mark:

P.S.: We’re fortunate. I first saw this on YouTube years ago, but by the time it occurred to me to watch it again it had been yanked; whoever posted it had their YouTube account cancelled for multiple alleged copywrong violations. Several years’ worth of periodic non-YouTube searches proved fruitless; I could only ever find the much less entertaining 30-second version. Now it’s back from a different poster, so watch and listen while you can!