CC Commercial: I Can’t Stand Acclaim…

(First posted 7 February, 2017. Reposting today in honour of Tina Turner, who died yesterday.)

The American half of yesterday’s Chrysler/Dodge Spirit CCC raised eyebrows with its yeah-no-that-didn’t-happen factor. Plymouth, not to be outdone, dialled the implausibility up to 11. Tina Turner, as you can see here, shilled for Plymouth. That’s kinda credible in re the Laser, and it’s more or less neutral famous-spokewoman material in re the Voyager and the  Sundance, but…excuse you, she said what about the Acclaim, there at the end of the featured ad here? No, she didn’t. Did she?! Yeah, she did. Seriously, what in the literal, actual hell? Yeah, yeah, okeh, sex sells, but c’mon. There are limits. There have to be.

That wasn’t a one-off, either; she did other Acclaim spots, too. Like this one, playing off the name—see, it’s funny because “acclaim” is also sort of a synonym for fame…heheh…see? You see it, right? Guys?:

(As for the headline on this post, you’ll forgive me or you won’t, but “Acclaim” comes irresistably close to rhyming with “the rain”. As in, I Can’t Stand the Rain.)