CC Commercial: When Valiants Swarmed

Not a lot of people remember it now, but fifty-six years ago San Francisco was overrun with new 1961 Valiants, as shown in this documentary complete with a musical cue at 0:43 to let you know we’re in Chinatown. I’m lifelong crazy for the ’60-’62 Valiant/Lancer/Rebel, so I don’t know that I’d’ve minded living in a city full of them, but I’d start to get maybe a little antsy about it upon learning the invasion force were also sweeping in clear across the continent in Bennington, Vermont:

Meanwhile, somewhere in the middle between VT and CA, it was still a time when the booming, echoey voice of god (okeh, maybe that’s just the narrator) and a rhyming jubilant chorus could move metal:

A chicken in every pot and a 1961 Valiant in every garage!