Curbside Legend: Cal Worthington


Reports are in that the legendary car dealer has passed today at the age of 92. For those who didn’t live in southern California or Washington, Cal was a pioneer in crazy automobile dealership ads, from his wing walking to the “My dog Spot” commercials.  So for those of you that never saw them on your local station here are a couple courtesy of YouTube.

Above is a great compilation of the many “dogs” he had in his commercials over the years.

One featuring quite a range of used cars. The Firebird with the ram air hood really speaks to me. Today it would be a prized CC but at the time it was just a bargain used car.

Here is one from his short lived Ford dealership in Washington.

Now Cal is most famous for his Ford dealerships but in his prime he sold Chevrolets and Dodges using the same antics and jingles.

Finally one for Cal Worthington Dodge.

RIP Cal.