CC For Sale: 2013 Ford C-Max Hybrid – Does A Retired NYC Taxi Cab With 270k Miles On It Still Have Any Value?

Living about 70 miles north of NYC makes it relatively easy for me to come across vehicles from the five boroughs. Usually, they’re quite a bit cheaper than similar models closer to home. That’s probably because they’re a bit more worn down than the cars who’ve lived their lives outside the city. I recently came across this former taxi cab while browsing craigslist. Where will it spend its golden years? Not at the scrap yard, apparently.

“This car is in good shape, no mechanical issues, clean carfax, clear title.”

That’s how the seller described the C-Max on craigslist. I find it very hard to believe that a car approaching 300k miles has no mechanical issues. Perhaps its status as a fleet vehicle ensured regular maintenance? It’s possible. A Jalopnik post from 2015 briefly discussed how a 2008 Ford Escape Hybrid taxi fared after 500k miles. Apparently, that particular vehicle received an oil change every three weeks and was in the shop for new seals so it could be sold privately. And it was in very good shape, all things considered.

In any event, I have to imagine this thing has experienced at least one fender bender. That front clip is a completely different yellow than the rest of the car. Then again, I don’t think Ford equipped these for fleet use. It could just be a bad paint job.

Presumably, the C-Max is littered with scratches, dents, and dings. But it’s still relatively intact. Hybrids seem to fare pretty well as taxis. And if you can get over bulbous looks of the C-Max, you’d be getting a pretty competent one. Various publications pegged the C-Max’s 0-60 time at around 8.3 seconds, which is actually pretty quick for a hybrid. Since they’re based on Ford’s Global C Platform, they sport a good ride and handling balance too. Although the suspension on this C-Max might need some new parts. These weren’t the most fuel efficient entries in the segment, but they can still achieve around 40 mpg combined.

Even if this Ford is in good condition, the interior has seen better days. It’s exactly what you’d expect from a retired taxi.

Seating is not ideal either. The driver and passenger seat bottoms and the entire second row had the standard cloth swapped out for that odd feeling vinyl that’s probably easy to clean and most definitely hard to live with. That seat does not look comfortable. I wonder if it can be easily replaced?

This would be the perfect car for those YouTube auto enthusiasts who buy troublesome cars and detail their experiences with them. For everyone else, it’s a hard sell. Especially at $2,700. Personally, I’d pay $500 for it provided I could replace the seats easily. The C-Max, like other hybrids that see taxi duty, are pretty much designed for stop and go traffic, which explains why they hold up so well. This yellow submarine just might have a few more adventures left in it.

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