CC Video: British Leyland- The Quality Connection

Murphy’s Law. The basic premise behind this simple virtue is whatever can go wrong, will go wrong. Nowhere is this more true than the lame-footed rise and meteoric fall of the giant automotive conglomerate known as British Leyland. British Leyland was a disastrous attempt to merge all of Britain’s major automakers under one corporate umbrella. At the end, it sounded the death knell for not only some of England’s most beloved marques, but of the entire British automobile industry itself. BL’s demise isn’t solely to blame for the implosion of the British car industry, but it was most likely the final slip off the ledge that sent the whole lot plummeting into the black abyss.

Somewhere in the midst of all this, British Leyland released a training film titled The Quality Connection. The Quality Connection showcases all the things that can go wrong with a car when just one of the numerous people involved slips up – from the development stage, to design and manufacturing, to assembly and final inspection, to customer delivery. Whether it’s a genuinely honest mistake or the result of outright negligence, the end result is the same- a defective product, a tarnished reputation, angry customers, and lost profits. All in all, The Quality Connection serves as either a cautionary tale or a confession of sorts- perhaps both.