CC Video: Homemade Steam Trike from Yugra, Russia

(Don’t miss this one; who says that kids aren’t interested in cars steam engines? This one is extremely crude in many respects, but it’s completely home made and it works. Undoubtedly the thrill of rediscovering the joys of steam engines (from scratch) is more exciting than a modern car to this builder. I can see why.  PN)

This video is from Sovetsky District, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug  Yugra, Russia.

The power cylinder (2.5 liters of displacement) and piston are borrowed from an old diesel engine; the smaller piston, which works as the control slide valve for the hot steam, is from a Minsk motorcycle. There is no transmission or clutch, power is delivered directly to the rear wheel by the connecting rod. Front suspension combines two Ural motorcycle forks and a Lada steering rack, rear suspension is lacking. The wood-fired boiler is of fire-tube type, with wall thickness of 4 mm and displacement of 35 liters. Working pressure is currently set at 4 bars, but can be safely increased to at least 10 bars or even more. It takes 15 to 20 minutes to fire it up to working pressure. Top speed “is only limited by your sense of self-preservation”, according to the builder.