CC Video: “Malaise For Days”

(Ben from Modern Time Machines submitted this)

My band Modern Time Machines just completed a music video “Malaise For Days” which I directed.

The song/video is an homage to Malaise-era 1970s/80s vintage cars; I’m part of the Malaise Motors clan, which is hosting a car show event (Malaise Daze 2019 LA) on April 27 at the Automobile Driving Museum in Los Angeles.

Last year’s Malaise Daze 2018 event was covered by Curbside Classic, and my own actual car (1975 Firebird, Arctic Blue color) was referred to as “beautifully patina’d” by the article’s author/photographer MagnumSRT8 Brian (Michael Brian Studios).

Side note: my Firebird (which also has a cameo in our music video) actually has an interesting history, as its original owner for 25+ years was the wife of the very top man at NASA during Apollo 11, 12, and 13, NASA Administrator Thomas O. Paine.

Actress Claudia Wells (who played Marty McFly’s girlfriend from Back to the Future) has an acting cameo role in the video, along with a DeLorean belonging to her friend Ron Ferguson, who’s the President of the DeLorean Owners Association.

The cars featured in the video include a 1977 AMC Pacer wagon, 1975 Dodge Royal Monaco wagon, Mercury Colony Park, Zimmer Golden Spirit, 1979 Lincoln Mark VIII, and many more.

The song is produced by Josiah Mazzaschi, who has produced/recorded bands ranging from Jesus & Mary Chain, Deap Vally, and is currently a member of the band Bizou with ex-Smashing Pumpkin Nicole Fiorentino.