Vintage Ad: 1977 Chevy Nova Concours



In keeping with Tom’s Nova Custom capsule, I’m posting this ad for the 1977 Nova Concours it replaced.  It’s always fun to see an ad show off a specific trim level, but in the case of the Nova, which was available as stripped as anyone could’ve wanted, it was necessary, much more so than the similar ads occasionally run in recent years for the minimally distinguished Corolla S.

In fact, for some people, a car like this kitted-out Nova might have made a compelling alternative to the likes of the Malibu, when fully loaded and equipped with a V8.  And while this was the Brougham-y Nova, the treatment is actually fairly restrained.  It would take a long time for domestic manufacturers to stop stuffing all corners of the market with cars so similar in size and layout, with the later Nova crammed in alongside the Spectrum and Cavalier, but at least in the Camaro-based X-body, there was some substance to the unique platform.