Vintage Ad: 1985 Chevrolet Celebrity Estate Wagon – What Your Family Wants

1985 Chevrolet Celebrity Estate Wagon ad

We all have certain items that we appreciate for no rational reason – for me, one such example would be wood-paneled family rooms.  Though I’ve never lived in a house with such a feature, I’ve always found wood-paneling to be relaxing and comforting – even if the “wood” isn’t quite real.

So maybe I would have been the target market for Chevrolet’s “estate equipment package” that debuted on Celebrity wagons for 1985.

Chevrolet added the FWD Celebrity its lineup for 1982, though its first two years included only 2- and 4-door sedans, as Chevy’s mid-size wagon offering remained the RWD Malibu through 1983.  Once Malibu production ended, a wagon joined the Celebrity lineup.  Wood-paneling enthusiasts must have despaired, however, because Chevy provided no “estate package” for 1984 Celebrity wagons.  If there was such a group of enthusiasts, they must have made their collective voice heard, for just such a package premiered for 1985.  This package included the “simulated wood-grain exterior applique,” special wheel opening moldings, and badges on the front doors that read Celebrity Estate.

It’s unclear how many estate packages found their way to customers, but they were always a rather unusual sight.  Still, Chevrolet offered the package through the 1987 model year.

Although I’ve readily professed my soft spot for wood paneling, I probably wouldn’t have paid $325 (that’s $850 in 2021 dollars) for the privilege of adding such trim to a Celebrity.  But I sure would like to find one of these that’s still on the road!

And since our featured ad hints at wood-paneled family rooms, we might as well enjoy an ad for actual wood paneling.  In my opinion, this house is fit for a Celebrity.