Vintage Ad: No One Builds Cars Like This Anymore And No One Builds Houses Like This Anymore

It’s the houses under construction that caught my eye, although the ’72 Olds 98 is hard to miss too. No one builds like this anymore; plywood or OSB sheathing has been universally used in residential construction for quite some time now; I would have thought so back when this big 98 was built.

This was almost certainly shot in California from the traditional Spanish-style tile roof being installed. But where’s the sheathing? There’s not going to be any, because they’re going to do it the way it was done in California for a long time, meaning staple up some felt paper, nail on metal stucco lath, and then apply a traditional three-coat stucco exterior. That lack of sheer rigidity in earthquake country is bad news, especially in these tall three-story houses. They should have known better by then.

I suppose we could say something comparable about the now-obsolete big 98, but then we’ve said it often enough.

It may have been a substantial car, but these houses are not as substantial as they should be.