Amazing Vintage Snapshot: Someone Swapped A Ford Flathead V8 Into Their New 1967 Chevy Camaro SS 396

Is his the ultimate revenge engine swap? How many tens (hundreds?) of thousands of Chevy small block V8s were swapped into vintage Fords over the decades? But in 1968 (as the date on the border of the photo confirms) someone had swapped in this old Ford flathead V8—sporting aluminum heads and a quad carb intake—into this 1967 Camaro SS. Unbelievable.

But why?

Did they just love the distinctive exhaust sound of the flathead V8? Did they also have a Ford hot rod with a flathead V8 and they decided to swap engines for the hell of it? Just to blow people away when they raised the hood of the Camaro? Or?

Thanks to a link sent to me by J. Francis, we now know why:

Clarence Everett, who lived in Oregon, had become one of the most successful racers of flathead V8s, including records at Bonneville. But in 1968 he decided that he wanted a more modern car than the ’50 Ford coupe he had been driving. So he bought this ’67 Camaro SS and tore out the 396(!) Chevy and swapped in one of his hot flatheads.

It sported these high compression aluminum heads and four Stromberg 97 carbs, and undoubtedly other hot components. He then raced it at the drags in the six cylinder/flathead gasser class, apparently with some success.

Don’t judge a book by its cover. But there’s a clue: the “396” emblem below the “SS” on the grille has been removed.