Vintage Car Haulers: La Crosse FWD Car Carrier – Styled by Brooks Stevens

I’ve taken a deep dive into vintage car carriers, and will be sharing more soon. But this is a really exceptional one: the La Crosse Carrier, with front wheel drive to enable a very low floor between the single rear wheels.

Back then, length restriction led to some very creative solutions in unusual car carriers, especially in the midwest where the maximum length held out the possibility of five cars carried, but only with a lot of creativity. Normally all car carriers in the Midwest and east could only haul four cars back then. This was the most radical solution, in terms of using FWD. I don’t have any info on the drive train, but presumably they did what has been done often over the decades: use a driven front axle from a 4×4 truck, but disregard the transfer case output to the rear.

This is the prototype, but apparently a few others were built. And by the way, that’s a load of Kaiser-Frazers on it. Now if only K-F had gone through with its plan to have the Kaiser car be FWD, then this would really have been a radical combination!