Vintage Dealerships: Rambler Town! – A Short Gallery Of Rambler Dealers

It was the summer of 2000, and our work meeting had come to a close. Each of us came out with a list of archive photos and footage to gather, needed to finish the video project we were working on. As we reached our cubicles one of my workmates, a Gen-Xer like me, approached me. It was clear there was an item on the list that stumped him:

  • Ric… What’s a Rambler?

The irony of the passing of time. How the common and normal fall into obscurity, with many everyday references turning into a mystery to new generations. But yes, there was a Rambler, as a model, and as a brand.

So let’s make it easier for the new generations, mine included. Here’s a brief gallery of Rambler dealers, proof that the brand/model indeed existed. Don’t you doubt it for a minute.

PK Williams, in Austin, TX.

Town and Country Rambler.

Jackson Motor Co., Walla Walla, WA.

Gil Ashcom, Berkeley, CA.

Jack Wall Rambler.

Dick Allen Rambler, Irvine, CA.