Vintage Photos: Studebaker Dealers – Old School Variety

Meyers Motors—I remember them from Iowa City, but I’m quite sure they had moved out of this downtown location by the time we moved there in 1960. I remember going to their new place somewhere on the outskirts of town, in 1974, by which time they had wisely picked up a Toyota franchise, and were doing a decent business. But the old Studebaker signs were still up.

This downtown location—and the whole block—was torn down in the later seventies for a mall. I have some vivid memories of some good times with a brief girl friend that had an apartment on the second floor of this building, or possibly the one next door.

Several of these dealers also had a gas station out front, like the Molnar Bros garage in Clinton, CT.

Here’s Matheny & Son in Santa Ana, CA.

Lots of bros selling Studebakers back then, including Millis Bros. in Black River Falls, WI.

Dalton Motors, Mankato, MN.

This one is a palace in comparison. Roseland Motor Sales, Chicago, ILL.