Vintage PR Shot: 1962 Alfa Romeo 2600 Cabriolet Speciale – Attracting Attention From The Romani

The Alfa Romeo 2600 Cabriolet Speciale by Pininfarina is sublime. It attracted plenty of stares wherever it went, especially at the 1962 Turin Motor Show where it was first shown. Why they chose to pose it in front of a group of Romani people is another question; presumably to play up the immense contrast between this one-off special based on the expensive Alfa Romeo 2600 chassis and these traveling folks with their horse drawn wagons and what appears to be an elderly Fiat woody station wagon.

Thus were the times: the new cars being created by the Italian carroziera were in a golden era, but not exactly the cultural sensitivities.

This splendid roadster never made it into production, so PF remodeled it into a coupe for the 1963 car show circuit:

The coupe is mighty fine too, and is something of a preview of the Peugeot 504 Coupe to come, especially the greenhouse.

The rear brings to mind the Ferrari 330 GT/GTS, as well as the original long-tail  version of the Alfa Romeo “Duetto” Spider. The basic elements of that rear end go back to the 1956 Alfa Romeo Superflow concept by PF.

I can’t readily find any attribution to the primary designer of this car; I thought it might be the American Tom Tjaarda, who penned the Corvette Rondine at Pininfarina at about the same time, but his credits do not include the Alfa 2600 Speciale.

This car survived, in its coupe form, and was restored not too long ago. But I find the Cabriolet more compelling.

Even if the old pictures are a bit grainy.