Vintage PR Shot: 1962 Studebaker Lark Skytop Hardtop On Set Of “Mr. Ed” TV Show – A Match Made In…TV Hell

In Iowa City in the early 60s, the only tv in our house was in my parents’ bedroom, so we were pretty tv-starved. But we had to be pretty desperate to actually watch Mr. Ed, one of the lamest and dumbest shows ever in that great wasteland that was tv back then. The story lines were so stupid and stilted, and the whole premise of Mr. Ed, the talking horse, giving advice to Wilbur on…some idiotic domestic issue. I couldn’t begin to force myself to try to conjure up any memorable episodes; they were all more or less equally dumb.

And then there was their sponsorship by Studebaker. Oh my; what a less than inspired choice by that out-of-touch South Bend outfit. Couldn’t they find something just a wee bit more…with it, rather than clueless Wilbur, Carol and Ed Post? No wonder we called them Stupidbakers back then.

Not convinced? Help yourself; I have no idea what this episode is about, but I wasn’t going to waste 25 minutes watching this. Sorry if I’ve offended any Mr. Ed fans. Now if it had been Route 66, or Bonanza…is it more than a coincidence that Chevy was involved with those two shows?