Vintage PR Shot: Back When Folks Dressed Up To Ride A Greyhound Scenicruiser Bus

Nice shot of one of my all-time favorite buses. Those folks are really dressed up for a ride on that Scenicruiser. Check out the boy with that red jacket; he looks like a junior waiter.

Here’s another angle of this scene:

But that sure doesn’t look like a bus station; looks like a school or such. Hmm; I wonder why they did that; there were some pretty nice Greyhound bus stations back then, which might seem surprising now.


Here’s a 1962 postcard of the Chicago Greyhound station, built in 1953. Wow; I must have missed that in my travels.

And this is the lobby of the Cleveland Greyhound station, built in 1948. Wow, again.

It was a different time, before airline deregulation in the 1970s changed everything.

That reminds me that Eugene’s Greyhound station closed down a couple of years ago (I took this shot in 2009). Now one just catches it at one of the major city bus stations. Makes sense, actually.


Here’s my CC on the classic Greyhound Scenicruiser:

Bus Stop Classic: GMC PD-4501 Greyhound Scenicruiser – Everybody’s Favorite Bus Except For Greyhound And GM