Vintage Snapshot: 1960 Plymouth Suburban Wagon – Girls, You Ready To Go Out?

Ever since I came across this image I’ve been wanting to share it. I know there’s a story in here, I just wish I knew what it was. An image is worth a thousand words they say, but I would have loved to hear what those words were from the bunch featured here, as this doesn’t seem the happiest of outings.

Whatever the story behind it may be, we do know that they’re going out in a 1960 Plymouth Suburban Custom. And considering the size of this family, it better be the 9-passenger version. If so, it’s one of 8,116 units sold that year. And with those girls growing mightily fast, it better have a V-8 to haul them around. For 1960, choices ranged from the bigger 383CID with 330 HP, to a 361CID with 305/310 HP, or the smaller 318CID, with 230/260 HP.

Then again, having a large family is expensive… So maybe it has the ‘Economy Six’ 225CID with 145 HP?

As has been discussed elsewhere at CC, Exner’s 1960-62 Chrysler products were an acquired taste. Lots of cool jet-age-inspired stuff, mixed with rather Ex-centric detailing. On the other hand, they were certainly unique and there was nothing quite like them. The full-size ’60 Plymouths were no different, with their curious double fascia taking some getting used to.

However, the two-tone full-size wagons feel more satisfying to me, with the matching roof and fender-cutouts making a more complete styling statement.

Either that, or I’ve gotten used to them by now.

As told at CC, Plymouth was the first of the Big Three to offer an all-steel wagon back in 1950. It found a receptive niche and sold heartily, with about 34K units finding buyers. Not that the division managed to keep that lead, as Chrysler’s fortunes were quite the rollercoaster in the ’50s-’60s. By 1960, Plymouth’s full-size wagon numbers were still a decent 57K units, but paled against the competition’s. That same year, Chevrolet moved 212,700 full-size wagons, and Ford a good 171,824 units (plus another 74K Falcon wagons).

Sales figures aside, unlike the girls in our featured photo, I would love an outing in one of these vintage Plymouths. Jet-age styling and practicality? How could I ever turn that down?


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