Vintage Snapshots: Can You ID the Imports On Main Street USA?

In the Buick-themed vintage snapshots the other day, it was noted in the comments on how few imports there were to be seen. So I just wasted a lovely hour perusing Dave Gelinas’ “Main Street USA” collection to find some imports. And I found some. Now you get to ID them.

This first one is not surprising, as it is in front of the Art Theatre in Akron, OH.


Lexington, MA

San Francisco

Mojave, CA



Main Street, Somewhere #1


Tahoe, CA


San Francisco


Somewhere, Massachusetts




Windsor, VT



Salt Lake City, UT


Somewhere, MA




Fargo, ND


Las Vegas


Huntington, NY


Somewhere, NY


Stowe, VT



Stowe, VT #2


Chicago, IL